Film-maker and director, James Abinibi

    Film-maker and director, James Abinibi, is planning to release his first feature-length movie titled ‘Mentally’.

    The film, which is already getting buzz online, features popular entertainers such as Adekunle Gold, Yaw and Frank Donga.

    Abinibi revealed in an interview with Channels Television’s Entertainment News that he faced a couple of challenges while producing the movie.

    He said, “It was an independent project, so I self-financed it. It was a major issue for me, not being able to raise funds and because it was my first feature length movie.

    “I guess some people were skeptical to collaborate (with me) and they weren’t sure I would be able to deliver.”

    The film-maker, however, thanked Adekunle Gold and other casts, saying they all performed more than he expected.

    “I didn’t have any concern casting him (Adekunle Gold), although he wasn’t my first choice,” Abinibi said. “The other person I was going to use turned me down and I’m glad he did because Adekunle Gold did much better than I expected.”

    The movie director said the central message behind the movie is to the youths to be mindful of the company they keep.

    “The message is basically on being careful of the friends we keep and take the words of our parents seriously when they advise us,” he said.

    By Channels Television | Channels TV